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What is Buildertrend?
Buildertrend (BT) is the construction project management software system we use at Evoke.

BT is the leading cloud base construction software used by builders.

BT has been integrated into our company at Evoke. utilising a complete suite of construction management tools. We use BT to manage all our projects, no matter how large or small.

Potential customers can fill out an email enquiry form provided by Evoke, and this information is immediately sent into the BT system. Your new enquiry will be forwarded to the Evoke team, who will respond to you promptly.

Once you become a client, BT also offers several fantastic advantages such as the Owners' portal - This provides you more access to your project and allows you to:

  • Select from a variety of options for your project.

  • Monitor the construction process and the timeline.

  • Manage invoices and supporting documentation.

  • Receive updates at key construction milestones.

  • And more...

Below is a dummy screenshot of what the Owners' Portal looks like, as well as a button to take you to the login page for access if you are a current client.

BT Dummy Screenshot.jpg

BT is a crucial part of Evoke’s management strategy during the entire project timeline. A crucial component of any build is ordering the necessary materials and organising the various trades, which is any easy process using BT's built in ordering system.

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