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The Building Process

From the moment you make an enquiry with Evoke Building Group to the time we handover your new home and any construction project large or small, we want to ensure that the journey you undertake is an exciting and enjoyable one. This is why we make sure that expectations are set and met for ourselves and our clients, from the very start of this process we pride ourselves on submitting realistic project pricing, project timeline targets and no nonsense building advice, our team backs this up with regular communication through our internal building system Buildertrend.  You will be given your own portal and log in allowing you to see the progress of your project and communicate with Evoke team members. This process ensures clients experiences are as happy and healthy as we can provide.


Our building process is set up to guide and educate our clients, which involves us taking the time to understand your lifestyle to ensure that the right design is selected for you. Our process has been crafted with our client needs in mind while understanding what matters to you.

At Evoke Building Group we use a government recognised and approved HIA contract for your peace of mind.


We are proud of our processes while working hard to consistently improve our services as a team.

  • Step 3 - Estimation & Contracts
    With all the relevant information returned to our team, we will release the Rapid Estimation or Detailed Estimation through Buildertrend for you to look over and consider at your leisure. Once accepting to continue with the quote we will present you with a draft HIA contract to review. - The Contract. This will include the price, the plans, and further things that may be required like engineering, specifications, and terms and conditions. - Progress Payments. To be discussed by the builder and client. - Provisional Sum Items. The materials the builder cannot determine the price of, which will not decrease or increase with site conditions, project alteration or final item selection. - Prime Cost Item. Products included in the build such as feature tile supply but not explicitly identified or priced at the time.
  • Step 2- Permits
    Our Planning Department will submit and track all permits and necessary documentation to completion. - Planning Permit. Prior to submitting plans to the relevant council, we will research their requirements and write all relevant reports and submit for councils’ approval or advice. - Site Survey. A Survey of the proposed site is documented to establish boundaries, calculating land size, shape, and contours. - B.A.L Report. This report is required to assess the “Bushfire Attack Level” for building compliance on your site. - Engineering. The engineering report looks at the supports required for each project calculating loads and structural requirements for materials to be used.
  • Step 5 - The Building Process
    Once the building permit has been granted, we go through the stages of building, which we include you in by updating clients through Buildertrend and keeping open communication. The process goes as follows: - Pre-Site Setup. This includes signage, insurances, permits from local councils, neighbour notification letters, a complete site- specific safety and risk assessment plan, engineering plan, site amenities. - Base Stage. Commencement of your build begins with excavation, leveling, underground connections, inspections and slab pour. - Frame Stage. This is all wall frames, window openings, structural steel, bracing, roof framing trusses and inspection. - Lock Up. Building wall wrap, external doors & windows, external materials & roof coverings substantially fixed, electrical and plumbing rough-in. - Fix Stage. This is the installation of insulation, plaster, skirting boards, architraves, internal doors, waterproofing, joinery, and robes substantially fixed additional works may be completed. - Fit Off Stage. This includes final paint, Tiling, Shower screens and mirror, floor coverings, installation of design features, electrical and plumbing fit off and final building inspection. - Completion Stage. Client has a Pre final walkthrough with builder to assess any defects including completion invoice. Final Walkthrough with builder to check defect documentation has been completed advise payment has been received in full and hand over can be completed to collect your KEYS!!! - 3 Month Maintenance. Client to fill in a maintenance form for the builder to assess and attend site as required.
  • Step 4 - Building Permit
    We will submit all relevant documentation to the appointed Building Surveyor which includes: - The complete set of working drawings. - Documents / Specifications. - Allotment plan and title. - Application form. - Insurances.
  • Step 1 - Project Plans
    Already have plans. You may have consulted with an architect and have plans and now you need someone to build your project or dream home. Evoke can begin to work on an estimation for your project upon request. For us to provide you with an accurate estimate we will: - Provide you with an account to an online portal, there you may complete your selections. - We will send your plans to our suppliers, trades, and engineers for pricing. Don't have plans. We are here to help you every step of the way. - Choose from one of our customisable New Home P plans which have a range of facades. Each floor plan can be tweaked to suit your lifestyle. - Alternatively, we can sit down to discuss your land and what you want out of your new home and have our building design team suggest a suitable plan in our database, or assist in the design of custom plans.
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