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New Custom Home's - Extension's - Renovation's - Deck's - Verandah's Carport's - Shed's

Build Your Dream Home in Ballarat

Evoke is dedicated to anticipating and preparing for the future, striving to develop solutions that enable people to construct functional living spaces, and energy-efficient long term cost-effective homes.

The Team will guide clients through the process of building giving a no-nonsense approach and advice.  All while keeping client budgets in mind while creating designs to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Through our commitment to research, the Evoke team is devoted to finding solutions that will allow individuals to create and improve homes that are both functional, economical, and importantly environmentally friendly.

By adopting a more sustainable and eco-friendlier lifestyle, one can start to make positive changes in the environment. Renovating, extending, or futureproofing your home can be a great way to start and save on the long-term impact environmentally as well as reducing day to day running costs.

For your convenience Evoke provides a selection of New Home plans and facades to get you started.  You can mix and match for inspirational ideas when designing your New Home.  If you don’t see something suitable, Evoke can supply a large list of designs upon contact and


At Evoke we know our clients want flexibility in design and layout, we don’t have a one shoe fits all approach.  By working with us through the process, we will create a home together that is uniquely yours with our combined efforts, while keeping your Budget and Eco Friendly practices front of mind.

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