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Why Build with Us?

Building an Eco-friendly home, with an Eco-friendly selection range.

What is an Eco-Friendly Home?

Eco-friendly homes are low maintenance and have a minimal impact on the environment. They are designed and built with sustainability in mind, respecting the environment, using non-toxic materials, and keeping energy efficiency at the forefront.

Key attributes of an Eco-friendly Home.

Energy-efficient design – Employing energy-efficient products throughout the home from insulation, windows, building materials, and solar panels. The house location and orientation – Good orientation can significantly improve your comfort and reduce your heating and cooling needs. Sustainable building materials – Evoke has made this an easy process for the client with our eco-friendly selection range. We have completed the research and put together a range you can select from to make it hassle-free. Air Sealing – Sealing the building through the construction process will prevent heat loss due to air leakage and block the wind that can penetrate walls and reduce insulation effectiveness. Window selection and placement – Selecting the right window, all you must do is head to the eco-friendly range and our design team will do the rest. Internal fixtures and fittings – Selecting the right plumbing fixtures, appliances, and internal fix products we have kept sustainability at the forefront of our minds when selecting the best product to achieve this goal.

Why are Eco-friendly homes important?

Homes that are eco-friendly are generally more energy-efficient than a traditional property. The use of renewable and/or natural resources to convert and store energy reduces homeowners' consumption of non-renewable energy which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

Installing Solar Panel
Benefits of Building with Evoke

Honest & Professional Advice

You will get straightforward advice from the Evoke team.

Fully Inclusive Quote

Evoke endeavours to include every item in the quote and have it detailed so anyone can understand.

Quality Finishes

Evoke has worked with the same local trades throughout the years and the number one thing they agree on is the quality of the finish.

Buildertrend Owners’ Portal

Every client with have access to their own Buildertrend Portal, giving them an overview of what’s happening through the build, selections, messaging, and updates.

Enjoy the Experience

The Evoke team is here to support and guide you through the whole process.

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